Terms & Conditions

  1. Any changes to the original order made within 72 hours of your event cannot be guaranteed, and may be subject to additional charges which will be set forth at the time of the change to the original order.

  2. Royal Raven Cookies is not responsible for any damage to the cookies once delivery/setup is complete. Royal Raven Cookies is not responsible for the suitability of the location of your cookies upon delivery/setup. Customer is encouraged to provide a secure location for the cookies.

  3. Customer or their agent assumes all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cookies upon receipt thereof.

  4. The cookies may contain, or come into contact with known allergens such as dairy, wheat, nuts. You agree to notify guests of risks, and hold Royal Raven Cookies harmless for any allergic reactions.

  5. Royal Raven Cookies reserves the right to capture and use photograph(s) or video taken of your cookies for display and promotional purposes without any compensation to you.

  6. Reservation for your order is not guaranteed until your order is paid in full.